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Ash Wednesday and Week 1 of Lent - Praying for Children, Youth, Young Adults

This week, we're praying for our children, schools, and young adults. In particular, we can pray for them to live with hope and expectation in the midst of today's culture.

Week One Prayer Guide

Week 2 of Lent - Praying Against Fear

Pray for the depressed, lonely, and those who are overwhelmed by anxiety and uncertainty. Also pray for people in conflict and war zones and the persecuted.

Week Two Prayer Guide

Week 3 of Lent - The Church

This week we will pray both for the church universal, and, in particular, our church family. Pray for spiritual awakening, unity and lives organized around missional priorities.

Week Three Prayer Guide

Week 4 of Lent - Denying Ourselves

Pray for God to form us more in His image, molding our identity to be more Christ-centered by putting others first every day. We also pray for the marginalized, those on the fringes of the church, and those who do not yet know the Lord.

Week Four Prayer Guide

Week 5 of Lent - Servanthood

Pray specifically for those in leadership positions within the church, businesses, and city, state, national and international governments. We can also pray for our mission partners both at home and abroad.

Week Five Prayer Guide

Week 6 of Lent - Holy Week: Stations of the Cross

This week we will focus on using the stations of the cross to guide our prayers.

Week Six Prayer Guide