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The Lord’s Baseball Game

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Here's the next installment in our Immeasurably More blog series.


My dad was an exceptional note writer. He had a way with words from one-liners to the more profound life-lessons... when he wrote, you listened. We lost my dad 12 years ago. At his memorial service, a dear family friend read a letter that my dad had written to their son on the day of his confirmation. I have it saved on my computer and I find myself coming back to read it frequently. No doubt, I find comfort in reading the words he wrote. But more than that, it’s the reminder of how simple God’s love is for us.

“I am honored to witness your Rite of Passage today.  From this day forward, your thoughts and actions will more prominently define the wonderful man you will come to be.  In a time from now, you will come to understand that a man is not deemed wealthy and successful by the amount of money he has.  Rather, he earns the respect of others by the riches of his life he attains. Very simply, those riches are Love, Faith and Godly Wisdom.

The parable of the Lord's Baseball Game tells us though, that it is not enough to have Love, Faith and Godly Wisdom. Against Satan's team it was the bottom of the 9th, no score, 2 outs, and the top of the order due up. Love stepped up to the plate and singled the first pitch - because Love never fails. Next up was Faith - another single - because Faith works with Love. Godly Wisdom came to the plate and calmly watched as the ump called "Ball Four" - because Wisdom never swings at what Satan throws. It was now up to Grace, and Satan laughed at the easy out. But, Grace confidently stoked the first pitch out of the park for a grand slam. Always remember that Love, Faith and Godly Wisdom can get you on base, but only God's Grace can get you home."

I love the images this parable conjures up. I imagine a beautiful spring day; the sun is shining, the grass is the perfect shade of green and the stands are full of angels eating popcorn and hotdogs. Satan and his team are in their signature red, while the Lord’s team is sporting their whitest whites, with halos and wings… and full of humble confidence. Something about this image in my mind gives me a such a sense of peace. It’s such a simple story, with such a big meaning. 

Who are we without God’s grace? The answer is simple: nothing. But what is grace?  And how do we get it?

In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul writes, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.” (Ephesians 2:8)

The gift of God. We’ve done nothing to deserve this gift. We haven’t earned it by reading scripture or always being in the pew on Sunday mornings. It’s given freely to us, despite who we are and what we do. 

From a young age, I was taught about grace. "Give them grace, they’ve had a long day." "I’ll give you grace for your sour attitude since you didn’t sleep well last night." The examples are endless. With three young kids, it’s a word I use VERY frequently in my house. Mostly, repeating the mantra over and over in my head “Give them grace, they are still learning right from wrong. Give them grace, they don’t know how much words can hurt.”  Or, I’m the one asking for grace when tempers flare and wits are at their end.

Author Paul Zahl sums up biblical grace quite succinctly: “Grace is unconditional love toward a person who does not deserve it.”

Every morning on the way to school, we say a quick prayer asking God to help us “shine the love of Jesus” during our day. Grace just might be the best way to shine that love to those around us. Loving someone who doesn’t deserve it, forgiving someone who hasn’t asked for forgiveness, forgetting the hurtful words someone said in a heated moment. 


We’ve received the ultimate grace and gift of eternal life. Shouldn’t we be extending that to others?

After all, Love, Faith and Godly Wisdom can get you on base, but only God's Grace can get you home.