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Mission Highlight: Cross Clinic, Uganda

Posted by First Presbyterian on

The Cross Clinic, established in 2014 through the work of Dr. Greg Bartha, provides free and very low cost care to patients in rural eastern Uganda.  Each month approximately 2000 people are seen in the clinic, with about 30 babies delivered each month! The most frequent medical problems include malaria, diarrhea, and dehydration in children, abdominal pain, wounds, sickle cell disease, and anemia. Emergencies occur on a daily basis. Many are handled in the clinic, but the more serious cases are transferred to the main government hospital in Mbale.  The ambulance (funded through donors in Midland) has been a great help to be able to transport patients.  

The operating room is finally finished and fully operational.  About 50 patients have had their surgeries done at the facility thus far.  Hernia repair is the most common procedure.  Outreaches are being held in communities within a 30-mile radius to identify persons needing surgery.  Goiter removal and cataract surgery are the greatest needs.  Clinic staff are attempting to recruit local physicians to perform these procedures.  

Upcoming needs include arranging training and obtaining supplies for blood transfusions and an oxygen concentrator. All of this medical ministry happens through the generous support of First Presbyterian Church and donors throughout the Midland community.  Dr. Bartha and the entire Cross Clinic staff express their sincere gratitude for making this ministry possible.