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Current Series | Discernment: What is a Worthy Life?

Life is full of choices, sometimes obviously momentous and others seemingly mundane. But all choices - from whom we ought to marry to where we ought to work, from choosing a church to choosing a neighborhood, from wrestling with how to best care for aging parents to how best to educate our children - give shape to our lives. Even the most ordinary choices mold us into the people we are today and form us into who we will be tomorrow.

Behind our choices are important questions:  What does a worthy life look like? What is my purpose? Who am I becoming? How can I know what is true and what is false? Is this the will of God? 

Answering these questions is an exercise in discernment. In Scripture, discernment is both a spiritual gift and a mark of Christian maturity (see Rom. 12:1-2, 1 John 4:1)and developing this gift is a much-needed spiritual practice for all of us seeking the fullness of life in Christ.

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