Saturday Serve is much more than simply a service opportunity. Saturday Serve is designed to be like a mini mission trip right here in our own city. Though we will have a project where we will be serving for a portion of the day, our focus will not be limited to only that project. Just as with our mission trips to other countries, we will be focusing on growing as disciples of Jesus through the experience together as a team.


Saturday Serve is designed to bring together people of various generations. We encourage families to participate all together, but individuals are most definitely welcome. Middle-school age and above are able to participate on their own. Kindergarten through fifth grade children would require the participation of at least one parent.

We will do our best to tailor the teambuilding, training, and serving activities to accommodate all the ages represented on our team.


Saturday Serve is a full day (8am to 8pm) of growing as disciples of Jesus. Building relationships among our team is a key component of this experience, so the morning will mostly be spent getting to know each other and learning about how to minister in the diversity of our city.

The afternoon will be spent working on our project for the day. We are planning to do a little update/remodel of the teachers’ lounge at our partner elementary school, De Zavala. Details will come later, but the project will be designed to be something we can finish in the afternoon.

After the project, we will have dinner together along with a time to debrief our experience. On our global mission trips, this debrief time has been very valuable in helping team members to process the experience and apply some of the principles learned to their own day-to-day living.

Since all parts of Saturday Serve are integral to the full experience, we are asking that all team members commit to the whole day (8am to 8pm).


Saturday Serve will take place on March 20, 2021, 8am to 8pm. We will start at FPC, work at De Zavala Elementary in the afternoon and plan to do the dinner/debrief time at someone’s home.


The cost per person is $40. The maximum per family is $80. The cost includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please contact us if you need information about scholarships.


Please contact Pastor Walter.


Online Application Deadline: March 1, 2021
*** Please fill out the application online for all participants middle-school age and up. For elementary-age participants, please simply list their names in the proper place on the application.

Apply now

Approximately 10 minutes to fill out.