Mission Marketplace

Each year at Christmas we host Mission Marketplace, an opportunity to make a contribution to one of your favorite ministries in honor of someone you love. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer -- a little gift with eternal significance.

This year, we're going virtual.

Select your ministry from the list below. Then, make your contribution online and download an eCard to use.

Give to Mission Marketplace

If you prefer to participate the old-fashioned way, stop by the church reception desk between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm Monday through Thursday. You can make a cash or check donation and pick up a card from reception.

Local Ministries

The Field’s Edge – The Field’s Edge is a local Midland ministry reaching out to the homeless. Their vision is to build a permanent tiny home community for the chronically homeless of the Permian Basin. This village will be designed around building relationships among the one-hundred formerly homeless residents and helping them to identify their gifts and skills as they start their own small businesses. Your donation will help The Field’s Edge take the initial steps in establishing this community. 

Mission Agape – Mission Agape is a local ministry in Midland that shares God’s love through providing for people’s physical needs. Through focusing on long-term relationships, Mission Agape works in schools and communities around the Permian Basin to provide food, school supplies, and Christmas gifts to individuals and families that might otherwise not have. Your donation will help Mission Agape continue their effective ministry in loving our local community. 

Safe Place - Safe Place is a shelter for battered and abused women and children in Midland. Safe Place not only provides a shelter, but also counseling and other programs as they walk through the healing process with their clients. Your donation will go to their area of greatest need.

Global Ministries

Cross Emergency Hospital (Uganda) – In rural Uganda, medical care is scarce and clinics are uncommon. Even when low-cost care is available, it remains out of reach for most people. With God’s help and leading, Dr. Gregory Bartha of Midland has opened a well-equipped hospital in rural eastern Uganda. The Cross Emergency Hospital serves people from many surrounding villages with free medical care and discounted medicines. Dozens of children, women, and men are treated every day through this vital ministry.

Free Wheelchair Mission (Global) – The Wheelchair Ministry of FPC provides wheelchairs to the physically disabled poor in developing countries all over the world. The wheelchairs are produced and delivered to people around the world for $80.00 each. Your donation will help some of the 130 million people around the world who are still waiting for the gift of mobility. 

Partners Relief and Development (Thailand, Burma, Middle East) – Partners shows God’s love to children and communities made vulnerable by conflict and oppression. By providing immediate relief needs as well as long-term development, they are committed to complete transformation and restoration in the communities where they operate. Your donation will go to their area of greatest need. 

Water Wells (Uganda) - Across rural Uganda, villagers walk miles each day to retrieve water for their families. Many times, this water is unclean and causes disease in those families. This donation will be applied toward a well that will provide clean water for an entire village. In villages where these wells have been placed, there has been a dramatic decrease in childhood illnesses.


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