Notice the image above. The Bowl veined with gold has become the logo of FPC's Prayer Ministry. It is a Japanese symbol, called kintsukuroi, of a broken bowl mended with gold to put it back together. To our ministry, this has come to represent the fact we are all broken and it is the blood of Christ that mends our lives and puts us together, stronger and more beautiful than ever.

We hope you’ll find an opportunity to pray alongside us here at FPC. If you are looking for prayer, don’t hesitate to submit a prayer request.

For more information about any of these prayer ministries, please contact our Prayer and Worship Ministry Coordinator, Rachal Eriksen.

Prayer Closet

The Prayer Closet is located in the Commons beside the Library. It is OPEN to ALL! Please feel free to come in, close the door, and pray! No reservation is needed—the Lord loves to hear from His children!

Prayer Closet Ministry

This ministry is dedicated to praying for First Presbyterian Church. We strive to have one person each weekday praying for those in leadership and for the congregation. They pray for the requests that make their way into the Prayer Closet.

First Thursday Prayer

On the first Thursday of each month, there will be a group gathered in the Prayer Closet to pray. They consider it a privilege to pray for anyone in need of prayer. Please feel free to come by between 12:00-1:00 if you would like prayer. 

Prayer Partners

Having a Prayer Partner to pray with on a regular basis is a meaningful way to grow into a deeper relationship with the Lord. Ask a friend to meet you in the Prayer Closet for prayer time—it will become a holy habit you will love!

Prayer Email List

This is an email sent on weekdays from the church listing prayer concerns. If you have a prayer concern or want to make sure you receive these regular emails, please contact .

Prayer Postcards

These are large postcards filled with Scripture available to the congregation to send out to lift up those in need of prayer. These postcards are located on the tables in the Narthex and in the Prayer Closet.

Prayer Walk Ministry

This ministry meets quarterly to pray and walk throughout the church, praying in each and every room. 

Prayer Shawl Ministry

This ministry meets each Thursday, and is open to all who enjoy needle pointing, knitting, and stitching! They make prayer shawls that are prayed over and handed out to the sick and hurting. If you would like a shawl for yourself, know someone who would like one, or would like to participate in this ministry, contact .

Sunday Evening Service

These church services are offered one Sunday evening each month, and they provide a wonderful opportunity for prayer! Communion is offered to all, and the music is beautiful. A member of our congregation is asked to give a testimony of how the Lord has worked in his or her life.

Come to the Quiet Service

This service is held each Wednesday morning at 7:30 a.m. in the Chapel. Come, join in and begin your day with a time in God’s Presence and stay for coffee and fellowship.

Faces of Children

This ministry mobilizes the church to meet the needs of children through intercessory prayer, showing all children their inherent value and the unconditional love of God. For more information, contact . We meet each Wednesday at 11:30 am. in the Prayer Closet.

MHS Teacher Prayer Luncheon

The teachers enjoy fellowship and food monthly while listening to a devotional from pastors and lay leaders in our community. They are invited to share prayer concerns and have the opportunity for prayer time during the lunch. Contact Jill Spannaus.

First Wednesday Community Prayer

This prayer gathering is ecumenical in make-up with pastors and lay men and women from across the Midland area who come and pray for our city, state, and nation. It is held in the Koinonia Room on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 a.m. Come join us!