FPC Leadership


Our deacons are men and women ordained by the congregation to lead the church in humble service to our neighbors for a term of three years. The deacons encourage and stimulate the connection and care between people in the church and in our community. Deacons are persons of faith, spiritual character, exemplary lives, compassion and mercy.

Class of 2021
  • Clay Arrington
  • Eric Burleson
  • Alison Gaynor
  • Mande Gragg, Moderator
  • Hilary Granaghan
  • Emily Hammond
  • Jessica Johnson
  • Michael McWilliams
  • John Morris
  • Cecilie Pfluger
  • Chad Ray
  • Michael Sollee
  • Bonnie Strickling
Class of 2022
  • Rex Barker
  • KC Blackketter
  • Reed Gardner
  • Jim Gramentine
  • Justin Ham
  • Beth Harris
  • Michelle Harris  
  • Jessica Martin
  • Laine Miller
  • Natalie Prieto
  • Jill Spannaus
  • David Stroman
  • Tyler Timmons
  • Juanice Welsh
Class of 2023
  • Haley Blonkvist
  • Carole Campbell
  • Dana Chandler
  • Bethany Etheredge
  • Amy Forste
  • Nelson Grimes
  • Neel Huey
  • Matt Johnson
  • Willis Price
  • Claire Shaw
  • Emily Ware


Our elders are the shepherds of our church body, men and women ordained to oversee, lead and guide the mission of the church for a term of three years. Elders are persons of faith, spiritual character, exemplary lives, sound judgment, and respectful of others. They gather with our pastors in ministry teams and each month as a whole in order to prayerfully seek God's will for all aspects of our life together.

Clerk of Session: Donna Cannon

Class of 2021
  • Ann Bell
  • Chelsea Davis
  • Courtney Goodwin
  • Charlotte Bosecker
  • John Kennedy*
  • Debbie Reese
  • Albert Sherman*
  • Tom Turner
Class of 2022
  • Kent Alexander
  • Devin Alsup
  • Craig Atchison*
  • Margaret Purvis*
  • John Granaghan
  • Jered Groner
  • Scott Long
  • Tammy Smith
Class of 2023
  • Kevin Blonkvist*
  • Tyler Goree
  • Jerry Groner*
  • Patty Hughes
  • Chrissie Mee
  • Kaci Morris
  • Kelly Reese
  • John Webb

*Serving as Trustee


Trustees are members of the Session of our church who are particularly called to employ wisdom to ensure the care for and best use of all the resources that God has given to the church.

  • Craig Atchison
  • Kevin Blonkvist
  • Jerry Groner
  • John Kennedy
  • Margaret Purvis
  • Albert Sherman

Nominations for Elders and Deacons

Thank you for taking a moment to help us recognize who God may be raising up as leaders within our church body. The form below is submitted to to the members of the Nominations Committee and Rachal Eriksen, our Prayer and Worship Coordinator.

If you have any questions about the nomination process, please reach out to Rachal Eriksen.