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Child Development Center

The Child Education and Development Center (“CDC”) is a ministry of First Presbyterian Church.  Our program is open to all families in the community and the surrounding area.

Our Purpose and Goals

Our purpose is to provide young children with a Christian environment where they can grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.  Our goal is to support the development of each child to his or her greatest potential.  We believe this happens in a nurturing environment which fosters mutual respect and appreciates the unique qualities of each individual.  We will help your child to:

  • grow in independence by making decisions and choices;
  • grow in assuming basic personal responsibility for self;
  • develop language skills and communicate ideas and feelings;
  • develop self-control and get along with others as they work and play together;
  • develop a feeling of self-worth and self-confidence;
  • be curious, think, reason, and problem solve;
  • develop the idea that school and church are happy and safe places; and
  • develop a familiarity with the stories of the Bible.

Our Philosophy and Curriculum

We adhere to developmentally appropriate practices; children learn while they play.  Our curriculum focuses on the process of learning rather than the finished product.  Teachers act as facilitators for learning by providing a carefully planned environment that is appropriately challenging for each age level and gives children the opportunity to make choices and direct their learning.  Many valuable learning experiences will take place as language develops and social skills are enhanced.  The teacher’s role is to model, observe, reinforce, encourage divergent thinking by asking open-ended questions, and to provide information the children cannot discover for themselves.  We will make use of the child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn through indoor and outdoor self-directed activities, teacher-directed group and individual activities, development of fine and gross motor skills, art experiences, music, and stories which will be appropriate to each age level.

With infants and toddlers, emphasis is placed on positive interaction with the teacher and exposure to educational toys.  We believe that a nurturing environment where the child’s needs are met promptly by caring teachers is vital to the development of our youngest children who are learning to trust.  It is important to us that they feel happy and secure while they are in our care.

The teachers foster a stimulating environment which includes open-ended activities, language experiences, art experiences and open centers.  There is an outside play time each day, and the music teacher visits these classes weekly.

  • Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) teacher meets once a week with our two, three and four year old classes.
  • Music instruction is scheduled each day for our toddler and infant classes and once a week for our two, three and four year old classes.
  • Guests are invited to visit our classrooms and share resources with the children.
  • Three and four year old children go on field trips.
  • Spanish classes are provided in September for four year olds and begin in January for three year olds.
  • French classes are provided for our two, three and four year old classes.
  • Chapel time provides age appropriate Bible lessons and are taught weekly.
  • Children have a time reserved weekly in the gymnasium with gross motor activities provided.

Research shows these early years to be critical to the child’s later development.  To help each child build a positive self-image, opportunity for success will be built into all that we do.  As the child sees the value of him/herself as a person, he or she can grow in positive directions.  In an atmosphere of Christian love, our teachers will give children the opportunity to explore, discover, and create as they learn more about their world and develop a greater awareness of God.

Children must be six month old by September 1 to register for the program.  The extended day program (2:00-4:00) is only available to children in the 9:00-2:00 program.  Children must be 18 months by September 1st to register for the extended day program.
We are pleased to offer a K-2 enrichment class for homeschooled children.  It is offered for the same tuition and hours as our traditional program.  This class offers  science, geography, literature studies, art appreciation and history in a positive classroom setting.  Children for this class must be 5 years old by September 1st and no older than 7 years old by September 1.

Teacher/Child Ratio

Babies 2/8
Youngest Toddlers 2/10
Young Toddlers 2/10
Middle Toddlers 2/10
Older Toddlers 2/10
2 year olds 2/12
3 year olds 2/12
4 year olds 2/12
K-2 Enrichment 2/16

Tuition: Tuesdays and Thursdays

 9:00 am - 2:00 pm: $195.00 registration/supply fee $160.00 (one-time)

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm: $60.00 registration/supply fee $20.00 (one-time)

Tuition for 2018-2019 $195.00 per month

Supply fee $160.00
Extended care $60.00
Supply fee $20.00
A May prepay and supply fee are due at the time of registration.  If we are unable to place your child in a class and you are put on a wait list your checks will be returned.



September 4 - Meet the Teacher

September 6 - First Day of CDC Classes


If you would like more information, please contact:

Kathy Hobart,  KHobart@fpcmid.org

Olivia Ortiz,  OOrtiz@fpcmid.org

Or you may call, 432-683-0851 x 136